Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Karla - The Teacup Generation Series

This cup, "The Karla" denotes the modern day generation in The Teacup Generation Series.  As the tradition of social time changes so do the cups.  The granddaughters in my family have treasured teacups from their grandmothers that remind them of times past and the tea parties their grandmothers hosted.  And as much as they would love the luxury of afternoon tea, their lives are different and their generation of daily teacups reflect the change with hearty modern styling.  As I see it, this cup created with a Zentangle design, speaks to the fact that social time is short, the cup needs to be practical, go in the dishwasher, and yet it must be beautiful and reflect personal style.  This one reminded me of my niece Karla.

My own legacy china cups sit on a display shelf while I pick a hearty mug to brew lemon ginger tea to enjoy while painting in the afternoon. No worries about knocking over the cup while flinging a brush.  I just have to place it so that I don't dip my brush and color the tea!

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