Friday, January 20, 2017

Day 20 - A Study in Indigo

I love the Indigo made by Holbein!  It has an intensity that makes it possible to use it alone in a study and achieve the lights and darks in a range of values.  It has rich deep color that does not lose its punch when pushed to the limits of light and dark.  This series has been interesting, and I will start with the Indigo next time since it makes a value piece to work from when adding color in the subsequent pieces (which of course is the right way to start!).

Also, while on the topic of series, I refer you to a twice weekly letter from Painter's Keys that came to my Inbox this week.  It speaks to the merits of working in a series and the freedom a series imparts.

This is Day 20 of the 30 in 30 Challenge!  Check out the Challenge here.  You will see a wide variety of pieces done by hard working artists from the US as well as across the world.  A worthwhile diversion today.

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