Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Teacup Generation Series: The Ann and The Janet

These two new teacup paintings are part of the current show at the Twin Falls Center for the Arts.  I have nine teacup pieces in the Idaho Watercolor Society regional show that is on display at The Center.  These two cups are named after two friends that I have known for as long as I have lived in Idaho - 35 years - a lifetime!  The Ann cup is from Ann's mother Winnie, I believe, and I was fortunate that Ann sent me a picture since she moved before I could photograph her cups. The Janet cup came from Victoria and is a memento of her trip to Canada.  I have had a lot of fun visiting friends and taking pictures of their teacup collections and hearing the teacup stories.  The bond to the past is alive and well!   

Gobs and Blobs - New Abstract Work

  Gobs and Blobs The current show at the Full Moon Gallery in Twin Falls! I have these pieces plus more hanging in the Gallery and the Lobby...