Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Artwork coming to Meridian!


Very excited to announce that Mike and I will be showing artwork at Maddie's Wine and Whiskey Bar in Meridian! Idaho Art Gallery is sponsoring our work there and paintings will be on display beginning December 3!  Stop in, have a beverage and some great food, and see what we have on the walls!

Monday, November 6, 2023

New Series of Giclee Prints Available!


Series of Flower Prints

Now Available framed "24 x 24"

Signed and numbered Giclee prints

This series of flower prints have been hit at the Full Moon Gallery in Twin Falls.  That show is over, but the prints above are soon to be on display at Maddie's Wine and Whiskey in Meridian beginning Dec. 1!  Mike and I are again doing a Fish and Flowers display.  Will le you know when they are up on the walls.

And, if you like these, but want to see other options, I have more colors for you to choose from!

Email me!  


Gobs and Blobs - New Abstract Work

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